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Leo Komarov Jersey

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The Oscar cichlid has always been a very popular cichlid among aquarists Jerian Grant Bulls Jersey , as it is an extremely intelligent creature that can and will interact with it s keeper. With proper care and attention, an Oscar fish can turn into a true pet. The fish may even swim along the tank, following it s master for a treat. Oscars can be easily trained to take food from the keepers hand.

Oscar is the popular name for the cichlid known as Astronotus ocellatus. In addition to the name Oscar, this species is also known as the Velvet cichlid or the Marble cichlid. Current variations of this species include: tiger oscar, red oscar Denzel Valentine Bulls Jersey , red tiger oscar, marbled oscar and several new veil tailed varieties. Astronotus ocellatus is not an extremely sensitive fish, so it can be kept even by less experienced aquarists. The keeper must provide an aquarium that is large enough however. 75 to 100 gallon aquariums are considered minimum. Keep in mind, that in the wild, it is not uncommon for an Oscar fish to grow larger than 12 inches long. When Oscars are kept in home aquariums they normally won t get quite that large.

Oscars are large carnivores and they are known to be happy eaters even in captivity. Your Oscar will do best on a varied diet consisting of fish and insects. Feeder fish Dennis Rodman Bulls Jersey , crickets, worms, adult brine shrimp and krill are all suitable food types. It is easy to train your Oscar fish into accepting prepared food, such as pellets and flakes. A high quality prepared food suitable for large cichlids is recommended. A prepared food can provide a good base, but you should not keep your Oscar fish on flakes or pellets alone. Supplementing prepared food with some of the food types described above is always advisable. Since small fish will be viewed as food Cameron Payne Bulls Jersey , they are not suitable tank mates for your Oscar. Oscars are not very aggressive towards fish that are too large to be considered food, and you can house your Oscar with other large and non aggressive fish species that like the same water conditions. Some species that come to mind: Tin Foil Barbs, Red Bellied Pacus, larger varieties of Cat Fish and maybe some similar sized Jack Dempsey s. As with most large fish, and actually all large cichilds Bobby Portis Bulls Jersey , keeping your aquarium well decorated and well planted will be next to impossible. As Oscars grow larger, they will tear things up, so you may find yourself decorating your tank with a lot of rocks and overturned clay flower pots.

Oscar cichlids are relatively hardy fish, and will tolerate most water conditions as long as you avoid the extremes. If you want your Oscars to thrive, and possibly spawn in your aquarium Authentic Zach LaVine Jersey , you should strive to provide them with a pH between 6.5 and 7.0 and water that is soft or just barely hard. A water temperature in the 72 80 degree Fahrenheit range is recommended. The Oscar is a South American cichlid, from the Amazon River and its tributaries in Brazil and Paraguay.

SYDNEY, Feb. 23 (Xinhua) -- Australia's top football stars have been charged with supplying cocaine over the weekend in an event that has shocked local sports fans.

Representative rugby league player Greg Bird and fellow star Dave Taylor joined Gold Coast Titan teammates Beau Falloon, Jamie Dowling and Kalifa Faifai Loa to be stood down by the club and issued with notices to appear in court in relation to drug offenses.

Insiders say the charges against these players and multi-code superstar Karmichael Hunt last week are just the beginning, with other codes and players expected to be charged.

The five players will appear in court in March. Bird Authentic Tony Kukoc Jersey , the most famous of the players, was charged with two counts of supplying cocaine, Taylor one count of possession and one count of supplying and Faifai Loa one count of supplying.

The Queensland Crime Commission said on Monday the men were " identified contacting the (drug) syndicate and arranging for the supply of cocaine to friends and colleagues between August 2014 and December 2014."

Titan's chief executive Graham Annesley told reporters on Monday that the charges have caused serious damage to club's reputation.

"I apologize to everyone associated with the game and everyone that's trying to take this game forward from these setbacks which are holding the game back," he said.

"The club's reputation and the future of this club is bigger and better than one individual.

"No one is giving up. These things to go in cycles. The club will recover. The NRL (National Ruby League) have been enormously supportive and are still supportive. I've had discussions with them today. They are still 100 percent behind this club, this region."

Many men have suffered from the dreaded itchy male organ. It always seems to happen at the most inopportune times; a man rarely seems to suffer from it when he’s at home by himself Authentic Toni Kukoc Jersey , with no one else around to see him scratch that itch. Though regular manhood care can always help the itchy male organ situation, sometimes a man simply winds up with an itch that won’t go away. Often it is accompanied by a member rash, whether a very light one or a more severe reaction to something. But then again, there are times when that itchy male organ is just itchy – no member rash required.

What’s causing that itchy male organ?

Sometimes the aforementioned member rash – usually a result of contact dermatitis, or an allergy to something in the environment – leads to an itchy situation. But other times there is no rash in sight. So why the insane urge to itch?

An itchy male organ can be caused by any number of issues. Remember that the skin of the manhood is very sensitive and rather thin Authentic Scottie Pippen Jersey , the better to allow for intense pleasure when it’s being fondled. But the downside of that very sensitive skin is – well, sensitivity. If conditions are right, that sensitivity translates into a terrible itc. Throwback MLB Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale Jerseys Nike NFL Jerseys Wholesale Replica Soccer Jerseys China Adidas NHL Jerseys Wholesale Wholesale White Sox Jerseys Wholesale Tigers Jerseys Wholesale Royals Jerseys Wholesale Rockies Jerseys Wholesale Boston Red Sox Jerseys
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