Postby Jan » 2015年Oct月30日(Fri) 22:59

I would like to purchase KEP for my trip.
May I know do you also have the package? Or I can purchase it at my car rental store on that day?


Postby tocoo!staff » 2015年Dec月22日(Tue) 12:11

Dear jan san

We regret to inform you that
ToCoo do not offer Kyusyu Expressway Pass (KEP) option,
only ToCoo ETC card rental services is provided.

We would recommend you inquire with rental car staff
for KEP option upon arrival.

It becomes a sign up at the car rental company office.

If rental car company offer KEP option,
using rental car company's ETC card will be required.

Please contact to West Nippon Expressway Customer Center by yourself.

Best regards,

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