Best place to exchange currency

Best place to exchange currency

Postby Guest » 2015年May月18日(Mon) 21:29

I am going to Japan. I have about 3,000 USD that needs to be converted into Yen.
Where would be the best place in tokyo to do that?

I'm planning to stay in hotels near Shinjuku.

Re: Best place to exchange currency

Postby tabibito » 2015年Jul月05日(Sun) 15:54

Normally, currency exchange fee I think is cheaper ticket outlet than the bank or post office.
For example, it is like Daikokuya.

Ticket outlet in Japan is a store can buy cheap tickets literally.
Not only railway and flights, you can buy cheaper such as movies and amusement park tickets.

Daikokuya There are four stores in Shinjuku. ... dCondFlg=0 ... !1e1?hl=en

in the vicinity of this shop there are many ticket outlets, you might find a more good rate store.

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