What is the earliest way to go from Narita Airport to Shinju

What is the earliest way to go from Narita Airport to Shinju

Postby Alain » 2015年Oct月21日(Wed) 18:34

What is the earliest way to go from Narita Airport to Shinjuku Station?

Re: What is the earliest way to go from Narita Airport to Sh

Postby tecchan » 2015年Dec月22日(Tue) 12:07

It depends on the arrival time,
Either the Keisei Railway or Narita Express is more quickly than other way.

You should choose Keisei Railway Given the time and required for the price, but the Narita Express is comfortable without transfer.

It is good to look at this site.

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Re: What is the earliest way to go from Narita Airport to Sh

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