Car Rental Options

Car Rental Options

Postby acewee » 2015年Oct月21日(Wed) 17:03

Hi, I am trying to find some car rental options but can't seem to get the right search. I will be visiting Mt Fuji via Hikari train on the JR Tokaido Shinkansen from Shin-Osaka Station to Mishima Station. I am thinking of renting a car from there for 4D3N before returning the car in Tokyo. However I just can't seem to find the right train station for pickup in the search. Can someone advise what are the options? Thanks.
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Re: Car Rental Options

Postby dewa » 2015年Dec月22日(Tue) 12:07

For example, such a following reservation isn't it ?

Pick up at Mishima station & return car to Narita airport. ... rture_date[day]=Nov%2010,%202015&departure_date[time]=10:00&departure_place=station&pref_id=1&area_id=48&airport_id=&station_pref_id=22&railway_id=533&line_id=795&station_id=3928&return_date[day]=Nov%2014,%202015&return_date[time]=10:00&return_place=airport&drop_pref_id=1&drop_area_id=48&drop_airport_id=390&car_type[7031]=7031&car_type[7032]=7032&car_type[7034]=7034&car_type[7035]=7035&smoke_type=0&mission_type=0&num_car=&greater_than_price=&less_than_price=&is_num_car_and_price_search_opened=0&site_brand_id=1&page_name=contents_search&service_time_type=&article_display_type=&campaign_id=&page_name=contents_search

You are able to return at another shop.

Please check the choices other than "Return car to the same location" in the second step of the search by date.

Re: Car Rental Options

Postby AhadBaten » 2017年Jan月16日(Mon) 15:35

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