SINGAPORE -- Panuphol Pittayarat of Thailand birdied two of

SINGAPORE -- Panuphol Pittayarat of Thailand birdied two of

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SINGAPORE -- Panuphol Pittayarat of Thailand birdied two of his last three holes to maintain a one-stroke lead after the second round of The Championship at Laguna National on Friday. Panuphol, the overnight leader, shot a 4-under 68 for a two-round total of 13-under 131, a stroke ahead of Scott Hend of Australia, David Lipsky of the United States, and Felipe Aguilar of Chile in a tie for second place. The Thai, ranked 451st in the world, has never won on the European Tour and missed his last three cuts this year on the Asian Tour. "The two birdies in my last three holes were nice to end off my round," he said. "Its nice to be putting myself in a good position heading into the last two rounds. I would rather stay up there than to be chasing the lead actually. I just want to grab my chance and not let it go." Hend had eight birdies and just one bogey to shoot a 7-under 65, the low round of the day. The Australian, whos also looking for his first European Tour title, said it was difficult to stay focused in the hot, humid conditions at Singapores Laguna National golf course. "I am used to this kind of weather but it still comes to a point where your body just cannot take it and it makes you lose concentration," he said. "Im managing well so far. Two more rounds to go and we will see what happens." Aguilar, playing with a sore wrist after a recent mountain biking accident, birdied his last three holes to card a 67. "(The wrist) doesnt bother me much, but I still have pain. It will be there for the next four or five months," he said. "Everything you do is dangerous so you have to be careful, but Im playing good golf because Im happy, and so the mountain biking helps." Anders Hansen is also returning from a wrist injury that required surgery and kept him off the tour for six months last year. He missed the cut at his first two events this year, but finished in a tie for fifth last week at the China Open. The Danish golfer shot a 66 on Friday to move into a share of fifth place at 11 under, two strokes off the pace. He dropped a stroke on his final hole when he three-putted for bogey. "Its always hard coming back after an injury," he said. "Ive never had six months off before so I didnt know what to expect. It was tough the first four rounds I played, the first two in Spain and Malaysia, but then last week something kicked in and it has carried on this week." Matthew Tkachuk Jersey .Y. - Sven Andrighetto scored once and set up two more as the Hamilton Bulldogs hung on to defeat the host Adirondack Flames 5-3 on Tuesday in American Hockey League action. Johnny Gaudreau Jersey . The (35-35-10) Jets have 80 points and are also playing .500 hockey on home ice this season with a 17-17-6 record. Michael Hutchinson will start his second straight game in goal. http://www.jerseyofficialhockeyflames.c ... -jersey/.S. -- Carl-Antoine Delisle snapped a tie in the third period with his second goal of the game to lead the Tigres past Cape Breton 4-3 in Quebec Major Junior Hockey League action Wednesday as Victoriaville won its eighth in a row. Karri Ramo Jersey . PETERSBURG, Fla. Jonas Hiller Jersey . Louis Cardinals, the team will be celebrating the 25th anniversary of the opening of the SkyDome. Jays legends Jimmy Key and Ernie Whitt, members of playoff and World Series-winning teams of the past, will be on hand for the festivities to look back at what was the beginning of the Jays halcyon years.VIRGINIA WATER, England -- In an effort to be ready for the U.S. Open, Sergio Garcia has withdrawn from the BMW PGA Championship because of an injured left knee. Garcia shot a 1-over 73 on the West Course at Wentworth on Thursday and then advised officials he was unable to continue. The seventh-ranked Spaniard first felt pain iin his knee during the final round of last weeks Spanish Open.dddddddddddd An MRI showed no serious damage. Garcia says "on the 17th and 18th holes today, it didnt feel good at all. The problem is now is with the U.S. Open coming up. I dont want it to get worse." The U.S. Open at Pinehurst starts June 12. Cheap NFL Jerseys Wholesale Jerseys Wholesale NFL Jerseys
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