How can I rent a car with an English GPS?

How can I rent a car with an English GPS?

Postby F A Q » 2015年May月15日(Fri) 12:11

I would like to drive in japan.

How can I rent a car with an English GPS?
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Re: How can I rent a car with an English GPS?

Postby tocoo!staff » 2015年May月15日(Fri) 12:16

Not all the car rental companies offer English GPS.

If you would like to have English voice guidance GPS, please select English GPS option in the search engine, and we will list available outlet in the search result.

Unless you book a car with English GPS, it will be car with Japanese GPS.
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Re: How can I rent a car with an English GPS?

Postby Stephenhawking » 2018年Mar月26日(Mon) 21:51

A big rental company like AVIS has told me that they can not ensure the supply of an English GPS till on the day that I picked up the rented automobile from the landing field albeit I'm willing to acquire it. this can be very risky considering that we'll be driving to places of interest and that we don't grasp Korean that makes a people GPS essential. pay someone to do my essay uk
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Re: How can I rent a car with an English GPS?

Postby Darcy » 2018年Apr月20日(Fri) 02:55

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Postby 97WzugSKd3 » 2018年May月01日(Tue) 05:02

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Re: How can I rent a car with an English GPS?

Postby valent » 2018年May月18日(Fri) 23:56

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