PLease advise if my itinerary is doable?

PLease advise if my itinerary is doable?

Postby looyin_yeong » 2015年Jun月02日(Tue) 16:24

Date From To Overnight Hotel Transportation Restaurant Places of interest Map Code
16th July KLIA Osaka Sapporo Vessel Inn Plane Hokkaido’s Former Government Building
Address: 064-0809, Sapporo the Odori Park
Chuo-ku Minami 9 jo Nishi 4 Chome 1-2 Sapporo TV’s Tower
064-0809, 札幌市
Phone: 81115130700
Map Code: 9 462 839

17th July Osaka Sapporo Sapporo Vessel Inn Car? Ishiya Chocolate Factory
Clock House
Sapporo Historical Village Nopporo
Sapporo beautiful street
Hokkaido Shrine
18th July Sapporo Otaru
Sapporo Vessel Inn Car? Otaru Canal
Otaru handicraft Street
Sapporo Station

19th July Sapporo Ashahikawa/Biel/Furano Biel Shirogane Park Hills Car? Ashahikawa Zoo
Address: 071-0235, Biei
Shirogane Onsen
071-0235, 美瑛町
Phone: 81166943041
Map Code: 796 181 867

20th July Ashahikawa/Biel/Furano Lake Toya Lake Toya Toyako Manseikaku Hotel Lakeside Terrace Car? Biel Blue Pond
Address: 049-5721, Toyako Furano Himawari no Sato in Hokuryu (sunflower)
Toyako Onsen 21 Tomita Farm Ningle Terrace
049-5721, 虻田郡洞爺湖町 Kanayama Ko
洞爺湖温泉21番地 Cheese Factory
Phone: 81142733500 Shikisai-no Oka
Map Code: 321 519 732

21st July Lake Toya Noboribetsu Noboribetsu Noboribetsu Manseikaku Car? Yubari Coal Mine Museum
Address: 059-0551, Noboribetsu Bear Ranch
Noboribetsu Onsen-cho 21 Mt Usuzan
059-0551, 登別市 Lake Toya
登別温泉町21番地 Fruit picking activities
Phone: 81143843500 Nix Marine Park
Map Code: 603 257 832 Noboribetsu Hot Spring

22nd July Noboribetsu Sapporo Sapporo Vessel Inn Car?
Noboribetsu Date Jidaimura
Jigokudani (Hell Valley)

23rd July Sapporo Osaka Osaka APA Villa Hotel Osaka-Tanimachi 4 Chome-Ekimae, Osaka Flight Central Wholesale Market
1-1-27 Nonin-bashi, Osaka, Osaka-fu, 540-0011 Japan Osaka City Centre
Sapporo Beer Museum

24th July Osaka Kyoto Osaka APA Villa Hotel Osaka-Tanimachi 4 Chome-Ekimae, Osaka Train Kiyomizu Temple
Togenzaka, Sanenzaka & Ninen-zaka
Kinkakuji Temple

25th July Osaka KLIA Train Universal Studio Osaka
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Re: PLease advise if my itinerary is doable?

Postby tabibito » 2015年Dec月22日(Tue) 13:48

I could not find a big problem in your itinerary.
However, I will advice a little bit.

July 20
It is quite a tight schedule.
It takes four hours Biei to Noboribetsu takes by car.

Therefore, when you spend a lot of time for sightseeing in Furano Metropolitan Biei, you will become tired to drive.

You are starting Sapporo early in the morning july 19, If you will leave the Asahiyama Zoo early afternoon,
It is possible to turn some of the destinations 19

july 21
It is not a problem if you tourism around Noboribetsu and Toyako
Yubari is too far.

If you want to go really in Yubari, you should stop at Yubari on the way to move Noboribetsu.

Also, What about is to go to the 17th or 18th to Sapporo Beer Museum?

Re: PLease advise if my itinerary is doable?

Postby Max Du Rieu » 2018年May月02日(Wed) 20:18

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Re: PLease advise if my itinerary is doable?

Postby valent » 2018年May月18日(Fri) 08:34

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