John Lynch learning to deal with losing while keeping an eye

John Lynch learning to deal with losing while keeping an eye

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The Iron Giant, from the film of the same name. Before he even became famous, the guy from Fast Five voiced the title character in the timeless story of the friendship between a boy and a giant alien robot.

And it . kind of looks like him.

Granted, his voice is pretty filtered and his lines are mostly grunts and monosyllables, but Diesel actually did a pretty good job here. Unsurprisingly, The Iron Giant is his highest rated IMDB credit after Saving Private Ryan, which doesn't even count because we're pretty sure he got killed in like the first 20 minutes. Anyway, here's some footage of Diesel recording the Giant's voice:

The same actor also voiced Shredder from the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon.

That's right, for over 100 episodes, the man best known for playing a dull, conservative judge/socialite also lent his voice to an Asian ninja master best known for living inside a giant mechanical eyeball and hanging out with a hideous man hog and a disembodied wholesale jerseys China brain. Also, for being a huge jerk. If you grew up in the 90s, this is the closest thing to finding out your grandpa and that bully from school were actually the same person all along. At the very same time he was playing Russell Huxtable, Earle Hyman was also moonlighting in animation as a humanoid warrior feline from outer space.

Panthro was the resident mechanic in the Thundercats and also the least clothed one after Snarf. two, three guys? As one of the six members of the band, Fergie is partly responsible for the worst song in human history, some of the dumbest song lyrics ever and plagiarizing other people's music. In recent years, Fergie has done some film acting (Planet Terror, Nine) and voice acting work (Madagascar: Escape 2 Africa, Marmaduke), because apparently professional voice actors just aren't good enough for movies anymore.

Sally Brown, Charlie Brown's little sister in Peanuts. Sally is remembered for her ill fated one way crush on Linus and for not being too bright.

Also for looking like Charlie Brown in drag.

Arsenio Hall is best known for being Arsenio Hall. For a while there in the early 90s, it was impossible to escape Arsenio and his legion of fist pumping, "WOOT!" chanting followers. Arsenio's show was so popular back then that the 1992 episode featuring Bill Clinton playing the saxophone has been credited with boosting Clinton's popularity and helping him win the Presidential election. Who knows, if Arsenio had invited Ross Perot to play the xylophone instead, perhaps history would be very different.

In case you weren't sure which Ghostbuster we were talking about.

It's strange to think that back in that bizarro reality known as the 1980s, Ernie "Beverly Hills Chihuahua 2" Hudson was apparently too big a star to be bothered to appear in a little animated show, so they had to get Arsenio freakin' Hall to do an impression of him. Of course, Arsenio was a practically unknown stand up comedian at the time, still a few years away from his big break as Eddie Murphy's co star in Coming to America. This might explain why they also had him doing some of the bumpers for the show:

Gizmo, the cute hamster/monkey hybrid from the movie Gremlins. Remember those adorable sounds Gizmo used to make? That's 100 percent Howie Mandel.

That's not all: Mandel also worked in Muppet Babies for a while, providing voices for characters like Baby Animal and wholesale jerseys China Skeeter (Scooter's sister) . which, of wholesale jerseys course, was the exact same voice he'd later use for Bobby in Bobby's World, as he's happy to admit.

So it turns we have that guy from Deal or No Deal to thank for a huge chunk of our childhoods. We . As Briscoe, Orbach played the classic detective with the obligatory alcohol addiction and the messed up dysfunctional family. Because of his alcoholism, his daughter grew up to be a meth addict and was murdered by a drug dealer. Of course, you could probably tell all that stuff just by looking at the permanent "Goddammit, son" expression on Orbach's face.

Lumiere, the talking candlestick from Disney's Beauty and the Beast. They even look alike:

And yes, this means that was Detective Briscoe's singing voice in some of those musical numbers (sometimes as the lead singer), like the one where the whole dining room sings "Be Our Guest" to Belle.

Which is usually a sign that you might be schizophrenic.

In fact, before he even starred in Law Order, Orbach was already an accomplished Broadway actor. He won a Tony award for Promises, Promises and was nominated his role in the original production of Chicago. If for some reason you still can't picture it, here's Orbach singing and dancing to the music of Beauty and the Beast for the 1992 Academy Awards ceremony:

Bear in mind that this was right before he joined the cast of Law Order. A few years of chasing down child killing drug dealers and saying, "I'm just trying to do my job here!" could turn anyone a little dour.
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